About the Project

About the Project

Having observed that most of the websites do not display quotes by Indian Authors or Resources on a high priority basis, some of the friends decided to add Indian Thoughts and Wisdom to the universal knowledge on the digital platform.


Based on this we conceived this project The result of 3 months of effort in phase I, has led to a small asset displayed on the website below. It is about 1600 quotes as of now. https://www.indianquotes.org/


You can search by keywords or names of authors or period through the search button https://www.indianquotes.org/user/search


The home page will improve in next few weeks and we request you to visit it again So as not to ignore international wisdom we have added about hundred quotes from other countries

In next phase we want to

- add quotes from different states and languages. That is a bigger project as translation requires effort and money
- add proverbs which are frequently used and high in wisdom


We are very keen to add Indian wisdom on Sustainable Development Goals and issues, the major challenge of this century. However we are not getting enough quotes. Pl share any web or other resources to get more Indian Quotes on the subject.


If you have books on Indian Quotes in English or any other language pl share the photo of the page with title, author, publisher address, year of publication, price etc. If u can spare it pl communicate on my email for postal address.


This effort for 3 months till end of Oct 23 would have cost us about Rs 1 lac . Phase 1 we will be winding up.We will welcome your contributions to continue phase 2, else phase 1 is also a good beginning according to our team. For contribution for phase 1 or 2 you could correspond with me to get bank details. Best wishes for Dussehra and Diwali, We also request you to circulate this link to other friends We would like your feedback especially about

- major authors we might have left out or poorly represented
- any spellings errors
- any suggestions to improve it


I would like to thank Dr (Mrs) Aparna Makkar for her commitment to take up this unconventional project and complete in 3 months. Our website partners Bit-7 Informatics has gone out of the way to do a good work despite many flaws from us. I thank Anand and his team.

Best wishes
Ajay Kumar