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India has a rich tradition of wisdome which lits our day lifts our spirits. However, our digital space is devoid of this treasure trove. Is it not an irony that a country that has abundant digital resources can not bring its own intellectual and spiritual wealth on one digital platform?
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No cosmic purpose is served by our suffering or that of those dear to us—just as no cosmic purpose is served by our being born or by our dying; and that for the simple reason that there is no ‘cosmic purpose’.
Arun Shourie

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Top 100 Quotes

When we tune out the opinions, expectations and obligations of the world around us, we begin to hear ourselves.
Jay Shetty
To reprove a harm-doer, put him to shame by doing a good deed in return.
A good leader is a good communicator.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Being grateful has limitations, No man can be greatful at the cost of his dignity, No woman at the cost of her chastity and No country at the cost of its freedom.
B R Ambedkar
Starvation is the characteristic of some people not having enough food to eat. It is not the characteristic of there being not enough food to eat.
Amartya Sen
A good leader takes care of those who he is leading. He delegates responsibility.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about their success.
Nelson Mandela
Where there is realization outside the senses it is infallible. It is proved not by extraneous evidence but in the transformed conduct and character of those who have felt the real presence of god within. Such testimony is to be found in the experiences in all countries and climes. To reject this evidence is to deny oneself.
Mahatma Gandhi
Watching people getting absorbed in news, I have learned that if the media wants, it can empower citizens with its brave questions. It can make India's democracy more alive.
Ravish Kumar
Though one may be a little bubble and another may be a mountain-high wave, yet behind both the bubble and the wave there is the infinite ocean.
Swami Vivekananda
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its reason for existence.
I am the Attributeless, Absolute, Nirguna. I have no name, no residence.
Sai Baba
Don't look over mind's cravings. Rather overlook them.
Amogh Lila Das
He who sees Him in all and all in Him, hates none. He who feels for others as he feels for himself, loves all.
Isha Upanishad
Meditation is seeing God in yourself. Love is seeing God in the person next to you. Knowledge is seeing God everywhere.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Every lock comes with a key and every problem with a solution. Some of your problems can actually be solved, and some of your problems literally cannot be solved, but can be solved by becoming stronger to face them. That's the key.
Gaur Gopal Das
A Nation is a group of persons who live with 'A Goal', 'An Ideal', 'A Mission' and look upon a particular piece of land as the Motherland. If either of the two--The Ideal and The Motherland--is missing, then there is no nation.
Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
Rules for happiness…something to do, something to love, something to hope for.
Immamuel Kant
Civilization finds its completeness when it expresses humanity not when it displays its power to amass materials.
Rabindranath Tagore
Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.
Mahatma Gandhi
And the air was full of Thoughts and Things to Say. But at times like these, only the Small Things are ever said. Big Things lurk unsaid inside.
Arundhati Roy
If laziness remains in a man of nobility, it will make him the slave of his enemy.
I am not concerned that you have fallen; I am concerned that you arise.
Abraham Lincoln
Even a good deed may go wrong when it is not done befitting the nature and disposition of men.
If I cannot speak or write about it, I struggle with the truth. When I speak out in an effort to process what I observe and attempt to stretch myself beyond my many inadequacies, people ask me am I not afraid of the government? I am scared of my inadequacies.
Ravish Kumar
Whatever is readily yielded to courtesy is never yielded to force.
Mahatma Gandhi
All unenlightened persons produce sufferings. Having become deluded, they produce and reproduce sufferings, in this endless world.
If you spent one tenth of the time you devoted to distractions like chasing women or making money to spiritual practice, you would be enlightened in a few years.
Ramkrishna Paramhansa
Through tapasya, we can develop a deep sense of inner peace and contentment.
Here in Bharat, we have placed before ourselves the ideal of the four fold responsibilities of catering to the needs of Body, Mind, Intellect and Soul with a view to achieve the integrated progress of Man.
Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
The path of tapasya is the path of spiritual growth and self-realization.
Don't try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you'll be fine.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
He alone is a man who keeps his word: Not that he has one thing in the heart, and another on the tongue.
Guru Govind Singh
Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
There is no normal life that is free of pain. It is the very wrestling with our problems that that can be impetus for our growth.
Fred Rogers
It is utterly foolish and deplorable to mistake impermanence for permanence.
Every single minute matters, every single child matters, every single childhood matters.
Kailash Satyarthi
Although devotion is to be given to many institutes and teachers, the essence is to be taken from them all, as the bee takes the essence from many flowers.
Swami Vivekananda
Men of righteous conduct (aacharan) never utter evil words even by a slip of the tongue.
Money is like manure. It stinks when you pile it. It grows when you spread it.
Jrd Tata
The Self is attained through veracity, concentration, wisdom and continence; cultivate all of them constantly. When impurities thus dwindle, the ascetic beholds Him - stainless, resplendent - within his very body.
Call to mind their noble suffering
Rc Dutt
It is essential that we think about 'Our National Identity' without which there is no meaning of 'Independence'.
Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
My thoughts create happiness & health. My body is perfect and healthy.
B K Shivani
The values of life are more valuable than the valuables of life.
Swami Tejomayanand
The worth of the shade is only known when the Sun is beating down hot.
If we can love the goodness of the world, then we are loving God.
When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.
Otto Von Bismarck
What do I want to achieve? What am I striving for? What has been my goal for the last 30 years? In one word, I can say - Self-Realization!
Mahatma Gandhi
To speack clearly to impress all and draw subtle truths from others' utterances is wisdom.
Bhakti is love - loving God, loving your own self, and loving all beings. The small heart should become bigger and bigger, and eventually totally expansive. A spark can create a forest fire.
Mata Amritanandmayi Devi
If a society ever reaches the stage of possible equality, if not total equality, a stage might be reached for doing away with the weapons.
Ram Manohar Lohia
You always have a choice; you either look into the rear view mirror, or look ahead through the windshield.
Harish Manwani
I declare that every blow struck at me will prove to be the final nail in the coffin of British rule in India.
Lala Lajpat Rai
Patriotism is not a matter of words, but of deeds.
Subhash Chandra Bose
I love to follow truth; nay, I have made it my duty to persuade others to act on truth and abjure falsehood for the sake of their own good. So, the eradication of iniquities is the object of my life.
Swami Dayanand Saraswati
Know that the chanting of My Name destroys all sins in this world, if the chanting is done with one-pointed devotion and complete dependence upon me.
Death includes it all, all castes, all kinds. He is no man's enemy and no man's friend.
Ved Vyas
The best people to surround yourself with are the people that bring out the best in you.
Jay Shetty
Jesus has given the defintion of an ideal religion in the verses of the Bible. The 'Sermon on the Mount' inlcudes all those sacred spiritual rites and the prayer to the God contains all that is also conveyed through the few words of Gayatri Mantra.
Mahatma Gandhi
A horse cannot be judged by its saddle.
The same loot, same corruption, same rowdyism still exists.
Anna Hazare
Only that science is a great and the best of all sciences, the study of which frees man from all kinds of miseries.
No doubt we have to have bigger projects, bigger industries, basic industries, but it is a matter of the highest importance that we look to the common man, the weakest element in the society.
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our own limited experience is absurd.
Annie Besant
The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles.
Friedrich Engels
The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
As a child of God, I am greater than anything that can happen to me.
Maulana Azad
God keeps an accurate record of all things good and bad. There is no better accountant on earth.
Mahatma Gandhi
True human is one who bows down to even weakest of nobles and makes strongest of tyrants bow down.
Maharana Pratap
The true path to enlightenment is through humility, compassion and selflessness.
Guru Govind Singh
Too much reverance is the mark of a cheat.
Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Education is what remains after one has forgotton what one has learnt in the school.
The end is the beginning of all things. Supprssed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure.
J Krishnamurthi
To explain God merely after reading the scriptures is explaining to a person the city of Banaras after seeing it only on a map.
Ramkrishna Paramhansa
The nearest equivalent English term for Dharma can be 'Innate Law', though even that does not express the full meaning of Dharma. Since Dharma is supreme, our Ideal of the State has been 'Dharma Rajya'
Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
The pursuit of truth is the duty of every individual.
Swami Dayanand Saraswati
Empowering women is key to building a future we want.
Amartya Sen
We are placed here as children playing in the lap of nature.
Teja Singh
A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study.
Dr S Radhakrishnan
Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.
Ho Chi Minh
If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably superior than man.
Mahatma Gandhi
If not now, then when? If not you, then who? If we are able to answer these fundamental questions, then perhaps we can wipe away the blot of human slavery.
Kailash Satyarthi
The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.
The worst flaws of a man will be searched out and revealed if he backbites.
Education has mainly two aspects, the cultura aspect which makes a person grow and the productive aspect which makes a person do things. Both are essential.
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Who understands quickly, pursues objects with judgment, listens patiently, waste not breathe on others affairs; possesses foremost mark of wisdom truly.
Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship.
B R Ambedkar
You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.
Steve Jobs
Our motivation is to help people out of poverty, not to be leading technology company.
Harish Hande
A true diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy.
Mahatma Gandhi
We call people who work with mud and earth, and sand and stone, unskilled labor in India. I cannot in this lifetime wield the implements that they use either to dig the earth or to shovel the earth. I can't carry the loads. That's extremely specialized. But they are called unskilled, and I am called skilled because I can write with the pen. I cannot accept this. I find it extremely non-egalitarian to say they are unskilled and I am skilled. It's only a way of looking at it. Knowledge is also like that.
Aruna Roy
We must arm ourselves with patience and wisdom and listen to the poor what they want. This is the best way to avoid the trap of ignorance, ideology and inertia on our side.
Abhijit Banerjee
The world needs real-world universities, 'doer' universities. We're going to set up one model of it in Ladakh. And if it is successful, we hope it'll have a ripple effect from New Delhi to New York.
Sonam Wangchuk
An intelligent man knows that death is born along with his own birth.
Bhaktivedant Swami Prabhupad
Time is not measured by passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.
Jawahar Lal Nehru
If God dwells only in the mosque, then to whom belongeth the rest of the country?
Compassion is the universal language of heart that unites us all.
Mata Amritanandmayi Devi
Three keys to success: read, read, read.
Valdimir Lenin

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